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Picth4Ukraine – develop your pitching skills

Annette Kramer, a recognized leader in the United States and Europe, will work with the IT Ukraine Association on June 29-30 to hold a pitching workshop to support Ukrainians who want to be more influential in communicating with stakeholders. In the workshop you will learn about tools, insights and examples of best practices for 3-5-minute pitches. Go from just providing information to building a dialogue, listeners want to grow the business when it is built on relationships.Language of the event: English.

Date and time:

For beginners – 29.06 at 12:00

For experienced pitchers with more developed skills – 30.06 at 12:00

Duration – 2 hours.

Participation in the event is free with prior registration.

After registration, you will receive a letter with homework, which must be completed in advance. This way the master class will be more productive and will allow you to focus your story, you will be able to act as a leader for any audience, any listener and any goal. We will learn to work with investors to not only provide them with information. These skills are important for life, and they are life skills for all contexts.