The Department of Microprocessor Technologies and Systems



V International Scientific and Practical Conference “Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Device Development on Microcontrollers and FPGAs” MC&FPGA-2023

The conference will be held on the basis of the Department of Microprocessor Technologies and SystemsFaculty of Information Radio Technology and Technical Information Protection of the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, June 22-23, 2023, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Topics of the conference:

  • Mathematical modeling of information signals and systems;
  • Hardware Description Languages;
  • Systems of computer aided design of devices on microcontrollers, microprocessors and FPGAs;
  • Features of device development on microcontrollers and microprocessors;
  • Aspects of the development of devices in the FPGA;
  • Architecture and microarchitecture of specialized computing systems;
  • Modern trends in the design of microprocessor technology;
  • The problem of improving the quality of training specialists.

Information MC&FPGA-2023
Інформаційний лист MC&FPGA-2023


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