The Department of Microprocessor Technologies and Systems



First International Scientific and Practical Conference “Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Device Development on Microcontrollers and FPGAs” MC&FPGA-2019

The conference will be held on the basis of the Department of Microprocessor Technologies and Systems, Faculty of Information Radio Technology and Technical Information Protection of the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, Kharkiv, Ukraine.


Topics of the conference: 

  • Mathematical modeling of information signals and systems;
  • Hardware Description Languages;
  • Systems of computer aided design of devices on microcontrollers, microprocessors and FPGAs;
  • Features of device development on microcontrollers and microprocessors;
  • Aspects of the development of devices in the FPGA;
  • Architecture and microarchitecture of specialized computing systems;
  • Modern trends in the design of microprocessor technology;
  • The problem of improving the quality of training specialists.

Information MC&FPGA-19



  1. Experience of Developing a Laboratory Base for the Study of Modern Microprocessor Systems
    Oleg G. Avrunin, Tatyana V. Nosova, Valerii V. Semenets
  2. Testability Increasing Method by Introducing Hardware Redundancy in the Easy-tested Finite State Machines
    Marina Miroshnyk, Pavlo Galkin, Olga Zaichenko, Roman Tsekhmistro
  3. In-circuit Signal Analysis in the Development of Digital Devices in Vivado 2018
    Oleg Zubkov, Iryna Svyd, Oleksandr Maltsev, Liliia Saikivska
  4. Field Programmable Counter Arrays Integration with Field Programmable Gates Arrays
    Vladimir Karnaushenko, Alexander Borodin
  5. Organization Features of Parallel Processes in Programs for Microcontrollers with a Small Amount of Program Memory
    Andrij Verygha
  6. How to Use Equipment to Measure the Analog Signal by Means of FPGA System
    Oleksandr Vorgul
  7. Approaches to Designing a Wireless Sensor Network Node
    Ivan Buhrym, Oleksandr Vynokurov, Pavlo Galkin
  8. Review of Seventh Series FPGA Xilinx
    Iryna Svyd, Oleksandr Maltsev, Liliia Saikivska, Oleg Zubkov
  9. Intelligent Lighting Control and Management System
    Sergiy Novoselov, Oksana Sychova
  10. Matlab Use in Design of Digital Systems on the FPGA in CAD Xilinx VIVADO
    Iryna Svyd, Oleksandr Maltsev, Oleg Zubkov, Liliia Saikivska
  11. Application of Xilinx Series 7 on FPGA (XADC)
    Valentyna Moroz
  12. Features of the Use of Microprocessors in the Systems of Ovojectors in their Adaptation to the Conditions of the Former CIS
    Murad Anver oglu Omarov, Vladimir Kartashov, Roman Tsekhmistro
  13. Trends in Training Modern Technicians
    Valerii Semenets, Liliia Saikivska, Iryna Svyd, Oleksandr Maltsev
  14. A VHDL Implemetation of the Advanced Encryption Standard
    Hanna Loban
  15. Approaches Half Band Filter Realization for Means FPGA
    Oleksandr Vorgul