The Department of Microprocessor Technologies and Systems


Freshman Day: New Normal Edition

Freshman Day is a real dedication to student life! There are many trials, unforgettable memories and happy moments ahead.

Meanwhile, we offer all first-year students not only to celebrate, but also to spend this day with benefit. We invite everyone to the dedication in the format of new normal, ie on the Internet.

You will find interesting topics, cool speakers and a lively conversation about useful life hacks. Join!

When: October 13, 2020, 16.30-17.30

Where: Zoom


Topic 1: “Soft skills in the new world – why is everyone talking about it?” from Olena Demska, Senior Research and Development Specialist, GlobalLogic Ukraine

What we will discuss:

  • What are soft skills and how do they differ from hard skills?
  • Basic types of soft skills, their purpose and ways to develop them
  • Culture of lifelong learning and “learning from each other”
  • What soft skills are actualized in the conditions of the new normal
  • What skills must a student have to successfully join the company

Topic 2: “Why don’t people become who they dream of? Career life hacks for young professionals» by Anton Muzhaylo, Quality Architect, GlobalLogic Ukraine

What we will discuss:

  • Why is your specialty indirectly related to your profession?
  • “Humanitarian” or “technician”?
  • Why don’t people become what they dream of?
  • Principles of building competitive skills
  • Whatever recipe I give myself, having the opportunity to send a letter to the past

Topic 3: “IT market or who needs a big company” Irina Kononenko, AVP, head of the talent team, GlobalLogic Ukraine

What we will discuss:

  • what the IT market looks like, its advantages and current trends
  • how the internal selection system works
  • how young professionals get into living projects