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C/C++ GL BaseCamp from GlobalLogic has started!

Are you from Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv or Mykolayiv? If you are interested in embedded systems, development on C/C++ and want to work with new technologies in a cool company, register for free courses Online C / C ++ BaseCamp from GlobalLogic.

GL BaseCamp is a course of theoretical lectures and practical classes designed for students and novice developers who already have a basic knowledge of C++ programming and want to supplement their practical experience and communicate with experienced IT experts.

GL BaseCamp is:

  • 90+ hours of theoretical lectures
  • 4+ weeks of practical tasks as close as possible to the real ones
  • 10+ years of experience for course teachers

The most successful graduates will have the opportunity to join GlobalLogic projects and work on innovative solutions together with top experts!

Registration lasts until January 15, 2021.

Requirements for participants (desirable basic knowledge):

  • C & C++ language syntax (constructions & keywords).
  • Pointers, addressing and memory model.
  • Memory management in applications. (stack / heap).
  • Application structure (headers + source files).
  • OOP
  • Compilation and linking process.
  • Concurrency in applications.
  • Basic understanding of networking (protocol / socket).
  • Basic algorithms and explain their complexity.

How to get to the Online C/C++ GL BaseCamp course

  • Take the test at the link – [BaseCamp] GL C/ C++ BaseCamp Test;
  • If you answered more than 55% of the questions correctly (PASSED result), apply for the course here by January 15, 2021 inclusive;

We will invite the candidates with the best test results and CV to pass the second stage of the selection task and the final interview.